Spirals Gymnastics (Mansfield) Contact-less Check In

Spirals is pleased to announce the launch of our new contact-less check in system. Written by a gym owner, this system is designed to keep us a safe as possible during the coronavirus pandemic by minimising contact between our parents and staff. This service is free of charge.
As you will probably be aware, we are keeping all entry doors to our facility locked. We also are following CDC guidelines regarding not admitting parents to the facility at any time.

Please register before your first check in. Otherwise we will have a bottleneck at the door until everyone is registered. Thank you.

How It Works

To Check In:

Scan the QR code on the entry door. This will generate an SMS message to a local phone number. Just press SEND to send the message. You will need a QR code reader on your phone. For IoS we recommend "QR Scanner".
Within a few seconds you should receive a link via SMS which will take you to your own personal check in page (if you are registered). This will list all the children you have been given permission to check in. These may include your own children as well as any other children whose parent has given permission for you to drop off or pick up. Check all the children you are checking in, press submit and then wait at the entry door for a member of staff.
The act of checking in automatically alerts a member of Spirals staff that you are waiting at the door. This allows us not to have to dedicate a member of staff to watch the door.

To Check Out

When you pull into the parking lot, simply reply to the text you received in the morning with the word "OUT" (without the quotes). You will then receive a text with a link to your own personal check out page.
The check out page will list any child you have permission to collect who is checked in. It will also list all vehicles registered as allowed to collect. Select which vehicle you are in and the child(ren) will be brought directly to your car. You do not even need to roll down a window! If you do not have the original text simply text the word OUT to 817 402 9402.
When you check out, our staff are alerted with your name, the names of the children being collected and also details of the vehicle to take them to.
If you are not in one of your registered vehicles, you will need to go to the exit door and show photo ID to the Spirals staff member who comes with your child.

To Register

We need to know the following information: The registration process should take less than 5 minutes and only need be done once. Do not forget to add (or delete) additional adults and vehicles over time.
Click here to start registration.

With thanks from all of us at Spirals.